Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sanur Beach (Bali, Indonesia)

Sanur Beach, the beach is famous for sunrisenya, just 6 miles from the center of Denpasar can be reached by car, motorbike or public transport that connects the city of Denpasar Sanur beach.

Sanur area itself is known as the initial development of tourism in Bali with the presence of hotels such as the Inna Grand Bali Beach and several other first hotel in Bali at the Bali tourist was first developed.


Sanur beach is very crowded in the visit by foreign tourists as well as Nusantara.Hari week and holidays, the place of choice for recreational Denpasar city residents for recreation while bathing in the sea.

On the day of the month Purnama evening many people come to relax and bathe there, looking at the beautiful beach at night hari.Selain Sanur beach, Le Mayeur Museum are also many tourist attractions.


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