Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guruh Gemurai Water Fall (Riau, Indonesia)

Thunder Falls Gemurai, KuansingKabupaten Kuntan Singingi Nature is not only famous for its cultural attractions such as the Runway line but also its natural attractions. As Nature waterfall, now the priority is the reform of local government Kab.Kuansing Gemurai Waterfalls thunder. Some time ago the team visit there. Local government has indeed been membenahhi Kuansing attraction. Availability of a paved road so easily accessible, the parking area, an open stage to organize events, such as music concerts and other mosque also has been available in Niagara Thunder Gemurai.


You will pass Lubuk Jambi Traditional Market, and then find two paths forked, choose the path left uphill, this area is called the village of Koto (Ate Kote), past the little winding road, five minutes away you'll get to the Village Kasang, and get on the trip you ten more minutes, then taka long you will meet with the gate to the right of the highway that reads Welcome to Thunder Falls attractions Gemurai. Until now a tourist attraction admission rates are consistent with Perbup has been governed by the Revenue Office Regency Kuantan Singingi, namely Rp. 1000 for for two-wheeled vehicles, Rp. 1,500 for four-wheeled vehicles, Rp. 3000 for adults and Rp. 1000 for children ..


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