Friday, July 22, 2011

Kerasak Cape Coast (Bangka Belitung, Indonesia)

Kerasak Cape Coast is located approximately 20 km from the city Toboali, a white sandy beach and crystal clear water and calm. Around the beaches, natural forests grew dense. Stretch of beach around the rocks adorn this beach panorama, especially at low tide. The beach is crowded with visitors on holidays, especially the day of the week

Kerasak Cape Coast is located in the village of Pasir Putih, District Sadai ulcer, which is approximately 30 Km from Toboali. The beach is located in the middle of an unspoiled forest, has a very beautiful panorama with white sand and crystal clear water is bluish.

Its beauty more visible by the natural arrangement of rocks on the shore, to be a really cool place to relax. The waves were gentle West wind except in the season. Around the beach is still natural forest.

Tanjung Krasak is one of the beaches that could be considered pristine. Krasak headland beach is located about 20 Kilometers from the city tobo ali. Krasak headland beach is white sand beaches, clear water. Krasak cape coast is getting perfect for around the beach, the rocks of the beach is still there and the natural

Kerasak The beauty of Cape Coast as one of the attractions, made ​​Man Spit as a business opportunity, to earn a livelihood, provide travel speed.


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