Monday, July 25, 2011

Jatiluhur Reservoir Area (West Java, Indonesia)

Towards Jatiluhur Reservoir Area
Jatiluhur reservoir of stem Citarum River, located about 9 KM from the center of Purwakarta. Located about 120 KM and is within the range 1-1.5 hours from Jakarta via toll-Cipularang Cikampek Jakarta ((Purbaleunyi), exit the toll-Purwakarta-Ciganea Jatiluhur Km.84. 

Your trip to the tourist area Jatiluhur reservoir will be more memorable and enjoyable, if the trip with family or friends, took a stop at the rest area toll Km.72 Cipularang to take a break and enjoy pasilitas available on this site.
Tourism Regions Grama Jatiluhur Tirta By paying the entrance fee of Rp. 7500, - per person for a small car and Rp. 10.000, - we can already enjoy the tourist area of ​​Grama Tirta Jatiluhur comfortable and beautiful with panoramic mountain and vast lakes and reservoirs Jatiluhur indah.Banyak pasilitas available at Grama Tirta Jatiluhur, such as: 2 star hotel, bungalows, restaurant, swimming pool, water park, fishing, tennis courts, play ground, camping, and facilities such as water sports: rowing boats, jetsky, boating, and other facilities. 

Not only that, while enjoying the cool and fresh air around the region, of course, with tours around the reservoir Jatiluhur or also known by the name (written in the reservoir) Reservoir Multipurpose Ir. H. Djuanda will add to your travel experience. To go to the reservoir, cars or other vehicles are not allowed to enter, and must be left not far from the entrance, and must bring a letter of introduction from the dam committee by paying Rp. 20.000, - per mobil.Dari entrance to the dam we had to walk about 200 meters, newly arrived at the main dam of reservoir Versatile Ir. H. Djuanda. (For the record: is it still imposed to pay for a letter of introduction, it can be asked directly when you are there, because this info we present when we went there late in 2009). Jatiluhur dam lake is very wide, you can enjoy with around by a motor boat or rowboat, and who likes fishing, available a variety of freshwater fish in place of another that 'll surely be liked, especially the children were swimming and playing water at the water park Grama Tirta (Grama Tirta Jatiluhur Water World) is quite large with a variety of facilities and available water slide, spiral slide and race both slides.


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