Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Temurun Waterfall (Riau, Indonesia)

Natural attractions on the island is very beautiful Siantan Waterfall generations. The waterfall is located in the village of East Siantan district for generations. By using a speedboat, from the City Tarempa, it takes 45 minutes. If by road, can only use the motorcycle. It takes 90 minutes to climb mountains latitude, and the motor current must be driven carefully through the dirt roads are very slippery when it rains.


Waterfalls generations dealing directly with the South China Sea. From kejauhanterlihat very beautiful because it has a stone staircase contour of the steps as many as seven levels. Like the hair of a woman who breaks down, the flow of water looks diselasela brown rocks.

The waterfall is surrounded by green trees that are still natural. This lush trees consist of protected forest and plantation thriving. While at the bottom and is bordered by the sea, mangroves thrive.


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