Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sigandu Beach (Central Java, Indonesia)

The beach is located in the Village Klidang Sigandu Lor Sub Trunk. Most northern areas of the city of Batang. Sigandu classified sloping beach, with waves that are not so great. Its location is approximately 4 km from the town square rods.

Coast Sigandu arena facilities available for children playground, volleyball court for the teenagers, as well as rows of traditional-style cafes and stalls that offer a variety of specialties. Among other megono rice with side dishes rebon dreadlocks.

For those who simply want to enjoy the dim receding sun (sunrise) can linger in the shelter is sturdy and safe. For who likes fishing can channel his love of fishing in the pond. There's also a pretty shady pine forest nan clean air.

In addition there is also the arena in the form of the Flying Fox outbound and the motor ATV Tour. Currently also being conducted in cooperation with Indonesia Safari Park with the construction of a swimming dolphin or a kind of Sea World and modern recreation.


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