Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bledug Kuwu (CEntral Java, Indonesia)

Nature Indonesia we are very rich in natural and cultural diversity, so many attractions that exist in Indonesia is that not many people know, one of which is the Tourist Bleduk  Kuwu existing Java Purwodadi Tengah.Tempat tourist area this one is unique, very different from the other tours, this resort named Bleduk  Kuwu. If the United States we can find SALT LAKE (desert salt) derived from the shallow sea and then turned into a vast land, and at present the land is often used as a testing ground for the world's fastest cars. As with the shallow seas that are in Indonesia, as well as a natural wonder that is not owned by other countries, his name Bleduk  kuwu, located beside kluwu village, subdistrict kradenan Grobogan district, also because of his voice that periodically burst the sound Bleduk  (such as a loose cannon audible from a distance) of mud bubble along with the release of smoke, salt.


Through the process of making land that was once Bleduk * towing, now a land that has a height of approximately 53m above sea level. 45Ha Area of ​​their area with a minimum temperature 31derajat centigrade.


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