Friday, July 22, 2011

Pasir Padi Beach (Bangka Belitungm, Indonesia)

Padi Beach attractions within 7 km from the capital city of areca Jetty Bangka Belitung province. Rice Sand Beach is the only one of the busiest tourist area visited by people of the city Pangkalpinang. Rice has the characteristics of beach sand white sandy beaches with calm blue sea. at the beach this morning rays of the sun radiating beautiful every day, so many tourists both from the area around, from various areas outside the island of Bangka, even from abroad, visited the sandy beaches of rice. The uniqueness of rice that has a sand beach along the shoreline 100 to 300 m is the calm waves and contours of the dense sand, white and smooth. Therefore, the beach is convenient for pedestrians can even be passed by a four-wheeled motor vehicles and motorcycles. The beach that has very beautiful scenery is located not far from the island of Punan, which can be visited on foot when the low tide. In addition, there are also Semujur Island and Long Island are located about 2.5 km off the coast of Pasir Padi. To support the tourism sector Pasir Padi Beach, a number of accommodations in the form of a five-star hotel, complete with facilities such as restaurants and conference rooms, exhibitions, etc., are available. Besides the traditional food stalls serving a variety of seafood dishes that add variety beach accommodation. Tourism Indonesia Heaven on Earth.


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