Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Karakul (Xinjiang, China)

Karakul is a glacier lake with an altitude of 3600 masl, hidden among the Pamir Mountains, and looks like being on the edge of the world. Located along the Karakorum highway and a stone's throw from the border with Tajikistan, Karakul is the number of camels, yaks, Kyrgyz herders and ... that's it. Walk around the lake (Lake Karakul means black in the Kyrgyz language) takes about 3 hours and offers spectacular views of Mount Muztagh Ata would with a height of 7500 meters.

Many visitors choose to stay at the yurt owned by locals. With a price of $ 10 per night, you can eat rice, vegetables, yak meat and sleep in the bedroom are warm from the stove over low heat. Dress warm.


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