Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Simalem Park Resort (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Simalem Park Resort is a One of the newest & most magnificent attractions in the province of North Sumatra. Located in Bukit Brand, Sidikalang attraction presents a view of Lake Toba from a very broad perspective. The area of ​​this tourist area reached 206 ha with more dr has planted 25 ha of citrus fruits, biwa, passion fruit, dutch eggplant, avocado, etc..

Equipped with various modern amenities and recreational choices include nature tourism, ecotourism, lounge-cafes, and resorts / villas that are still in development plans. Attraction to prospective high-powered because the very modern facilities with spectacular natural objects (Lake Toba as the largest lake in Southeast Asia & the world's deepest and twin waterfalls & natural forests)


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