Sunday, July 24, 2011

Maninjau Lake (West Sumatra, Indonesia)

Maninjau Lake in West Sumatra is one of the lakes that have a stunning panorama in the archipelago. This volcanic lake is situated approximately 461 meters above sea level. With a size of approximately 100 square meters with a maximum depth of 500 meters, this lake has a legend associated with them. Based on the legend in the realm of Minang about "Bujang Nine", one of whom died by plunging himself into the crater. The crater was later enlarged and later formed the lake here.


Keelokkan appearance and behavior of Sani became allure for a young man named Sigiran. In short they are then having an affair. One day they were accused of immorality by the footmen. To prove it, they jump into the crater of Mount Review. They swear if they committed any immoral then the mountain will not erupt, and if they do not do immoral then the mountain would erupt. Finally, the volcano erupted and the eruption formed a large crater is then filled with water and became lakes as it is now.


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