Monday, July 25, 2011

Bogor Botanical Garden/ Kebun Raya Bogor (West Java, Indonesia)

Not only are there a large plant in KRB, but small and medium trees with beautiful flowers there too. There were also flowers rafllesia Arnoldy is famous as the corpse flower, there is also fragnant frangipani flowers whose roots are always out of the ground and the lily Java which is endangered. No less interesting is the presence of a large old tree used as a hanging bat houses. We can also see squirrels jumping from one tree to another.
Meanwhile, around the Bogor Palace, visitors can feel the shade of a row of trees that shade Walnuts, because it was, the botanical garden is part of the courtyard. Though now the two places are separated, but visitors can still see the Bogor Palace. Near the road there are also plant Astrid black, red and yellow colors deliberately planted to impress the Belgian flag, in honor of Queen Astrid who came to inaugurate the park pending in 1928.
Then, not far from the lake there are two statues that is a duplicate of the statue in Copenhagen and Stockholm, the Mermaid Statue and Sculpture Hand of God, as well as monuments Lady Raffles, wife of Governor-General Sir Stamford Raffles Raffles whose real name is Olivia who is known as the Mother Java state. 

KRB's oldest tree is a tree Lychees from China. KRB planted near the lake in 1823 and remained there until now. There is also the King of Borneo and the tree is called as such because the king of Borneo like to collect these plants to attract bees to honey taken. KRB is approximately 63 km from Jakarta. Visitors from Jakarta can use the bus to Terminal Station Baranangsiang or train to Bogor. But for those of you who drive private cars to the road toll Jagorawi toward the city of Bogor, Bogor toll so out the door, past the Terminal baranangsiang, then toward the highway Pajajaran.


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