Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Purwahamba Beach (Central Java, Indonesia)

This tourist attraction is located in the path so that the waves were not big pantura like the beaches in the south so the Coast Purwahamba safe when playing on the beach or swim in this beach. The beach is very shady because many palm trees around the beach so guests comfortable during their stay on this beach and the beauty of the sea is crystal clear bluish atmosphere adds to the beauty of Purwahamba Coast.
     Facilities available at this beach is very full at all because local governments serious about addressing these attractions so that infrastructure is in need already be provided in between there is a children's play area, swimming pool, mini zoo, and water bikes. On the beach is also provided lodgings for tourists if you want to spend the night and enjoy an evening we can enjoy the beaches and sea food which also is served in restaurants in this coastal area. Local governments also provide the facility of sea cruises Earth I and Earth II is ready to take tourists walk into the middle of the ocean so that tourists can enjoy the scenery in the middle of the sea and coastal scenery.


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