Friday, July 22, 2011

Tanjung Pesona Beach (Bangka Belitung, Indonesia)

Will you be welcomed at the Cape Charm Beach Resort, a dream resort on the beautiful island of Bangka, where nothing has been spared to bring you the finest in accommodation, facilities, dining and relaxation.

Refreshing Sea Breezes and easy access make-this peaceful island, a must for all pleasure-seekers.Tanjung Enchantment Beach, Where Will you find comfortable sea view cottages located just a meters from the white sandy beach, this tranquil setting is an ideal place to rest, swim or just Basque in the sun.

This beach is located about 9 kilometers from Sungailiat, the capital of Regensy of Bangka. Precisely, Cape Enchantment beach is located the between Uber Bay Beach and Rat Beach.

This beach is really beautiful, consisting of three levels. From the bottom is the sloping sand beach, the center is filled with buildings That sticks to the sea level and the top is a beach with large stones.


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