Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mount Galunggung (West Java, Indonesia)

Ever heard the name Mount Galunggung? Maybe you think, seem to remember. But do not know where.
Galunggung is a volcanic mountain with an altitude of 2.167m above sea level. Mount Galunggung located in western Java, near the town of tasikmalaya. About 17 miles from downtown tasik.
Mount Galunggung can be reached by private vehicle, or chartered public transportation from the city tasik. The road to Mount Galunggung is a small country road. Where the rocky road and slightly damaged.
Mount Galunggung presenting a very beautiful natural beauty. Feels like a former crater lake eruptions. In the distance saw a small island, and we can see the fish swimming in this lake. From the top of the mountain Galunggung we can also see the landscape from a height. It was cool. And the wind was blowing pretty hard.
If you want to go down there is a path, called ramp Zorro, because when viewed form the letter Z. climbs But beware, because the slope Z consists of volcanic sand is very loose.

If you intend to visit the mountain Galunggung, do not be afraid of hard. Because this mountain is very user friendly, there are 620 stairs made to facilitate the visitors reached the crater rim. Around the crater had been a lot of traders. But it's good to bring lunch from home.
In addition to the crater of the mountain attraction is the hot water bath. You can enjoy the natural hot spring area Cipanas. You will pass through it while on his way to the crater of Mount Galunggung.


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