Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mount Rinjani (Lombok, Indonesia)

Nearly more than 20 villages surround Rinjani and there certainly are many routes / route up the mountain but the road / main entrance through Senaru in the north and east Sembalun Lawang. Mount Rinjani National Park lies on the main transition zone (Wallace) where the flora and fauna tanggara asia is a dramatic transition that could be categorized as a type of Australia. This national park itself is rich in plants and animals even though they can be very difficult to see because the stretch of terrain and tropical rain forests. Sometimes you can go see a monkey in the morning, a gray long-tailed monkey, you can also encounter deer because the deer is the animal inhabitants of Mount Rinjani. On the ridge you can also find a berekar long gray ape. If we're lucky we can find porcupines, raccoons and deer are usually berpungsi as a natural alarm that signaled to the guards as well as other animals if there is interference.


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