Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parai Beach (Bangka Belitung, Indonesia)

Entering the Parai Beach tourist area Bilis, impressed this beach has been developed as an international tourist attraction, but without reducing the natural elements and the beauty of the beach. To go to the shore, the visitors are required to choose to enter the resort, which develops and manages Parai Beach Alu.

We are interested in enjoying the alu of Parai Parai Beach Regency Beach Resort & Spa, because almost all regions of Alu Parai Beach resort - resort. Entering the area of ​​Regency Parai Beach Resort & Spa, we entered the main building and several villas to get to shore.


Entering the shore, visible stretch of white sand beach that extends from the tip of the south until the end of the north. The beach is suitable for enjoying the charm of sunrise in the morning. When compared with the Sanur beach, Alu Parai Beach attractions are not less good. Facilities offered by Regency Parai Beach Resort & Spa can be juxtaposed with the facilities offered by luxury hotels located around Sanur.


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