Monday, July 25, 2011

Tidung Island (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Island Tidung currently much discussed among travelers as a new tourist destination that should not be missed. Tidung Island is an island archipelago located in the waters of a thousand northern city of Jakarta, the distance is not too far away, about 2.5 hours drive north by boat from the port of Muara Angke with a cost of about Rp. 40,000. 

 Tidung elongated island about 5 km with a width of only about 200 Meters, split by a small street so that when you walk on it your view left-right is nothing but the expanse of scenery beautiful blue ocean. Here the sea is quite shallow and overgrown by coral reefs that are still relatively healthy. Decorated by reef fishes are colorful, not wrong if one is Tidung mainstay tourist island snorkeling. You do not have to worry about snorkeling equipment, there is a rental equipment at an affordable price is around Rp. 30,000. For those of you who can not swim can use the life jackets are also widely available.


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