Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Waterfall Two Color Sibolangit (North Sumatra, Indonesia)

Waterfall Two Color Sibolangit Durin Sirugun located in the village, the foot of Mount Sibayak, North Sumatra. Can be reached through the journey overland, across Campgrounds Sibolangit. Mileage from Medan - Sibolangit around 75km, and from the Main Door Campgrounds Sibolangit takes about 2-3 hours to arrive at Waterfall Two Colors.

The roads to the Falls Two Colors, you can come back fresh for the forest landscape and the air is still fresh. Unspoiled state that can be used for refreshing the body of any fatigue. However, on weekends, attractions Waterfall Two Colors in Sibolangit is very crowded with local tourists. It is recommended to come on weekdays only, if you will walk to get there.

When entering the village Camping Sibolangit in Bandar Baru, you could through the forest with hiking or walking leisurely for 3 hours, and to avoid getting lost, you should be assisted by local guides. Sign up at the checkpoint and will report into the Waterfall Two Colors.

Waterfall Two Color altitude of 100 meters, sourced from Mount Sibayak, and water that fell from the upper river will be collected into a small lake. The color of this waterfall of light blue and grayish-white, because the content of phosphorus and sulfur that will produce a light blue warha. Because it contains sulfur, you are forbidden to drink water from the Falls Two Colors.

Preparations to be carried over to the Waterfall Two Colors also have you think. Shoes for hiking, drinking water and a change of clothes if you want to shower for at Waterfall Two Colors. Do not wear regular sandals, let alone high-heeled yes! Waterfall Two colors are also known as Blue Lake Sibolangit.


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