Sunday, July 24, 2011

Musi River (South Sumatra, Indonesia)

Musi river divides into two parts Palembang area: ilir opposite in the north and across the pit in the south. Eyes water sourced in the region Kepahiang, Bengkulu. This river is an estuary of the nine major tributaries, the River Komering, Rawas, Batanghari, Leko, Lakitan, Kelingi, Lematang, Semangus, and Ogan. Musi River is important for the people of Palembang because as one alternative means of transportation. It can be seen from the many boat (taxi) motor paced carrying passengers who want to cross.

Usually the visitors arrive in the afternoon until the evening to watch the sunset and the night that lit the lamps around the rivers. On the eve of Sunday or other holiday nights, usually the number of visitors who visit the bridge and surrounding Ampera will be more.

Musi River became a place of recreation for young and old and children, including tourists outside the city of Palembang. In this area, visitors can witness the Raft House, which is a typical traditional house Palembang.

On certain days of celebration, such as Indonesia's Independence Day, held the water festival, such as boat races (bidar), boat decorating contest, a race swim across the river and others.


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