Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diateh Lake (West Sumatra, Indonesia)

The concept of cottages on offer can not be separated from the desire to present the natural attractions. In the cottage, the visitor can perform a variety of hobbies such as fishing, boating, hiking, jetski, parasailing to enjoy a swim in the cool water. 

In addition, visitors can also do a cooking activity with the raw materials available around the area. Such as fish, chicken, vegetables and spices. This is possible because the distance to the market Alahanpanjang and farmland and fish ponds that were located very close to the population. Activity culinary (cooking) can be done in the back of each inn. If visitors do not want to take advantage of its own cooking facilities, the manager also provides a cafeteria with a menu that can be ordered in accordance with the wishes. With equal pleasure-star hotel but with natural ingredients.
For accommodation facilities, the manager provides four types of occupancy, type of jasmine, dahlias, daisies and orchids. Type jasmine concept of wooden houses on stilts. Type of Aster offers the concept of a two-story Mediterranean building. While this type of dahlia offers the concept of cold housing area with heating facilities with firewood. While the type of orchid is a type of VIP offers exclusive residential concept. All types are equipped with hot water facilities and broadcast network television with digital satellite dish. 

To stay, visitors do not worry about the price. Because the area is managed and received subsidies from the Tourism Office of Solok Regency. Lodging facilities only worth 100 thousand for the lowest type to Rp250 thousand for the highest type. How? Come, if there is time, to Lake Diateh.


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