Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maribaya (West Java, Indonesia)

Maribaya indeed is one of the mainstay attraction for the administration of Bandung regency. First attraction famous for its hot water bath, but lately so it sank after a hot water bath attraction Sari Ater - Subang in the open. Sari Ater tourist sites is much more strategic because it is located in Bandung, Subang highway. Visitors need not bother to accidentally enter the tourist route and pass through a chaotic market Lembang, as if about to visit Maribaya.
Visitors can also "lazy" in the area around the waterfall while lying on a mat that little rented by vendors. Hawkers little too swiftly help book the food that visitors to desired food vendors around. The air is cool and shady trees coupled with the thunderous sound of a distant waterfall, making this attraction visited by Day-a holiday or weekend. A group of young people today it seems frolic under a waterfall overflow. Some poses "silly" it seems clear to accompany the time of the shooting by one of his colleagues. 

Aside from being a tourist hot water baths, this location also has a fairly large waterfall. Omas waterfall, with a height of approximately 30 meters seems to also be an attraction for tourists to visit there. The existence of two bridge facilities observers from the top and bottom also makes it easy for visitors to be able to more freely enjoy the waterfalls without fear of getting wet.


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