Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kedung Ombo Dam (Central Java, Indonesia)

Kedung Ombo is a giant dam area of ​​6576 hectare area includes most areas in three districts, namely Sragen, Boyolali, and Grobogan. Reservoirs that contain the five rivers that consist of the territorial waters of an area of ​​2830 hectares and 3746 hectares of land that is not waterlogged.

Location Kedung Ombo tourism is a mainstay of Sragen is located in District Sumberlawang, about 30 miles from downtown. Apart treated to beautiful scenery, visitors can enjoy the Kedung Ombo water tours, adventure boat ride to visit the islands that have sprung up in the middle of the reservoir. Your hobby enthusiasts of grilled fish or fished? Do not worry, in Kedung Ombo where fishing is also available as well as stalls selling a variety of processed foods made ​​from fish. Once down from the vehicle in a parking lot, the sweet aroma of baked or fried fish directly ambushed, appetizing meals.


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