Monday, July 25, 2011

Tangkuban Perahu (West Java, Indonesia)

Tangkuban Perahu mountain located about 30 km north of Bandung. This beautiful place is located in Lembang, about 30 minutes from Bandung using Tangkuban Parahu bermotor.Gunung vehicle has an altitude as high as 2084 meters. This mountain became one of the attractive tourist destinations in West Java. Natural environment is cool, and hot springs in the legs of the mountain. Rows of elongated craters, the main attraction is the actual boat tersendiri.Tangkuban volcano. Tangkuban boat named because its shape resembles an inverted ship.


Tangkuban Perahu mountain charm is so adorable, even when the weather is sunny, the curve of the soil on the crater walls can be seen clearly, in contrast with the green trees around the volcano. Not only that, the bottom of the crater can we enjoy its beauty is very impressive. Natural beauty is what makes Tangkuban Perahu become one of the mainstay of the natural attractions of West Java Province, particularly in Bandung.


The road to Tangkuban boat, the right frame on the road you will see a green carpet of tea gardens and rows of pine trees. His name is also the mountain, it is definitely very cool air at all times. Because the boat is Tangkuban Mount Merapi which is still active today, it has always been a lot of eruption that left the rest of the crater of eruption. Currently crater-crater has been used as a place-crater wisata.Kawah include Queen Crater, Upas, Domas, New Jurig, Rhino, Jurian, Demon and Pangguyungan Rhino. Among these craters, Crater Queen is the largest crater, followed by Upas Crater crater that is located adjacent to the Queen. Some craters remove sulfur smell smoke, there is even prohibited to descend the crater, because the smell of toxic smoke.


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