Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pattaya (Thailand)

Pattaya (Thai language พัทยา) is a city in Thailand, located along the Gulf of Thailand, southeast of Bangkok in Chonburi province. Is the largest tourism centers in Thailand.

Originally a small fishing village of Pattaya only until the 1960's, American troops from their AU headquarters in U Ta Pao, Rayong Province found this area to R & R. The city is growing rapidly, largely because of go go bars and other nightlife. When American soldiers left the area after the Vietnam War, the city fell into the puddle of crisis, but with the rise of mass tourism, especially from the European city tourism business is growing again. In 2001 more than 24,000 hotel rooms available in Pattaya. Although sex tourism is still quite striking in Pattaya, all inclusive tourism is now preparing the bulk of tourism.

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Chiang Mai (in Thai เชียงใหม่), also sometimes called Chiengmai, is the 2nd largest city in Thailand and the largest in northern Thailand. Nestled among the mountains which form the northern region of Thailand, Chiang Mai is about 700 kilometers northwest of Bangkok. Chiang Mai is also the capital of Chiang Mai province.

Square region in the center of Chiang Mai, surrounded by a moat and ruins of city walls are still visible in some places. The length of each side about 1.5 miles. Since 1990, the government of Chiang Mai ban the construction of skyscraper in the distance of 93 meters was calculated from the city walls to protect and preserve scenery of this ancient city. In the city moat also made water filtration system to maintain the cleanliness of the water trench.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cedar Point (Ohio, USA)

Cedar Point amusement park is an area of ​​1.5 square miles (1.5 km ²) located in Sandusky, Ohio, United States on a small peninsula that juts into Lake Erie. Until now, Cedar Point amusement park is the record holder with a roller Coaster most by the number of 17 pieces, one of which is the highest and second fastest in the world, Top Thrill dragster that has a speed of up to 120 miles per hour with a height of 420 feet.

Playground which was established in 1870, including the second oldest in the United States after Lake Compounce. In 2008, Cedar Point will be the only amusement park in the world with 75 rides. This amusement park has white sandy beaches along a mile, two water park, indoor water park including the hotel in it, two docks, and a "Challenge Park" in which there are attractions such as karting and mini golf. 

Statue of Liberty (New York, USA)

The statue, originally named Liberty Enlightening the World is a very famous landmark in the world. 46 meters high statue is a gift from France to the United States in 1886 as a gift a hundred years of independence the United States. This statue symbolizes independence and freedom from stress as well as a symbol of welcome for visitors, immigrants, and Americans again. The statue is located on Liberty Island at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor, the United States.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Notre Dame de Paris (Paris, France)

Notre Dame de Paris (French for "Our Lady in Paris", meaning the church in Paris dedicated to the Virgin Mary), commonly referred to as Notre Dame, is a Gothic cathedral architecture in the east of the Île de la Cité in Paris, France, with the door the main entrance to the west. In addition to tourist destinations, the church is also still used for the Mass and the Archbishop of Paris. Notre Dame de Paris is considered as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

Three beautiful rose window, originally built in the 13th century, is one feature that most Notre Dame Cathedral's capture. A gift from King Saint Louis, South Rose Window is almost 19 meters and has 84 panels. Famous gargoyle is another impressive feature of Notre Dame Cathedral. Some are functional, serving as a pipeline to drain rainwater from the roof, the other only decorative, keeping the city from the top of the tower's Cathedral.


Because of its historical significance, architectural services and the stunning beauty, Notre Dame Cathedral is a must-see sights in Paris. When I left the cathedral, night has fallen. Façade and the tower was lit, silhouetted against the light against the darkness. I do not think it was possible, but Notre Dame is even more beautiful by the light from the night sky.

Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)

Eiffel Tower (French: La tour Eiffel) is the most prominent buildings in the city of Paris and is known worldwide as a symbol of France. Named after its designer, Gustave Alexandre Eiffel, and since it was built in 1889 to 1930 is the world's tallest building. As the sights and icons of Paris and France, the tower is visited by about 5.5 million tourists.
The tower has a height of 300 meters and on top there is a television antenna as high as 24 m. Wind can cause the tower is swaying as much as 6-7 cm and heat can cause the top of the tower up to 18 cm away from the sun. Eiffel Tower holds the record for the tallest building for 40 years.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Valencia (Spain)

Famous as the home of authentic Spanish cuisine is made ​​from a combination of rice, spices and seafood, 'Paella', the region of Valencia is also known as a dynamic city with a sunny beach along the popular resorts such as Benidorm, and the others scattered on the Costa Blanca and Costa Azahar.

The area offers views of the mountains are dotted with beautiful villages and some of the most crowded party in Spain. Such as La Tomatina or Las Fallas

Navarra (Spain)

Navarra is located in northern Spain is a land of different specials. Having a diversity of culture and history that can be enjoyed. Navarra has inherited the essence of the ancient kingdom of Spain. This is the place to stroll, relax and enjoy the best food is made of cheese and chorizo​​.

Basque (Spain)

Basque Country is a regional destination for foodies. Presenting foods high flavor, based in San Sebastian, Hondarribia аnd Bilbao. Not only is the art of cuisine can be enjoyed, Basque Country also known for its contemporary architecture and art of modern art.

Aragon (Spain)

Spanish Jamón is a thing that you should try in the Aragon region. If you can eat pork, many restaurants in this area is a traditional food made ​​from pork. Besides food, Aragon also offers beautiful mountain views. Valley west from Ocean Atlantic underneath, creating a majestic view of forest areas such as Selva de Oza.

Andalucia (Spain)

Andalucía cuisine is the food of the highest quality. However, foods that you should try is the famous cold soup, gazpacho.

While enjoying the gazpacho, Andalucía also offer views of exotic beaches and more than 300 days with sunshine per year. For nature lovers there are two national parks with whales and dolphins, as well as the largest protected areas in Spain.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bingbing Bei (Henan, China)

In Henan, China, you will find local geothermal anomaly called "Bingbing bei" or the back of the ice. All regions of China have a normal seasonal changes, the residents in the area of ​​western Liaoning Province, China, has a constant warm temperature. But when summer came, and the start of this miraculous phenomenon. When the temperature reaches a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius and the sun shines with bright, large-scale changes occur, and at one meter below the soil temperature reaches -12 degrees Celsius, so the soil freezes and all the water turns to ice.

Pyramid (Giza, Egypt)

Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest pyramid of the three pyramids at Giza necropolis, and is the only building that remains a part of the seven wonders of the world believed that the pyramid was built as a tomb for the fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, Khufu (Cheops) and constructed during more than 20 years and is expected to take place in the years around 2560 BC. Pyramid is sometimes referred to as the Pyramid of Khufu.
Great Pyramid of Giza is the main part of the tomb complex of buildings consisting of two shrines in honor of Khufu (one close to the pyramid and one near the Nile), three smaller pyramids for Khufu's wives, and a pyramid of "satellite" of smaller Again, the form of an elevated track, and mastaba tombs surrounding the pyramid are small nobles. One of the small pyramids that keep eating queen Hetepheres (discovered in 1925), sister and wife of Sneferu and mother of Khufu. Also found a city, including a cemetery, bakeries, breweries, and a copper smelting complex. More buildings and complexes are found by the Giza Mapping Project. 

A few hundred meters to the southwest Great Pyramid there is a slightly smaller pyramid, the Pyramid of Khafre, Khufu's successor one who is also regarded as the builder of the Great Sphinx, and a few yards farther to the west is the Pyramid of Menkaure, Khafre's successor, the pyramid height of about half. Estimated time of completion of this pyramid was agreed circa 2560 BC. Khufu's vizier,, believed to be the architect of the Great Pyramid.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Singapore Zoo (Singapore)

Singapore Zoo is one of the mainstay of Singapore's tourist attractions. Supplemented by thousands of endangered species make the kids would love to see the uniqueness of each animal that they had never seen their lifetime. At the time the sun began to set, you can enjoy a different atmosphere at the Night Safari. Indeed, Indonesia had a lot of zoos, ranging from Ragunan to the Night Safari at Taman Safari - Cisarua. But the Singapore Zoo have 
Another mainstay in addition to the animals with its many attractions,
Singapore Zoo also provides a vehicle for children play zone Rainforest Kidzworld lively waves await kids in the water play area, with themes such as wildlife parks wet dream! For a more thrilling game, both young and old can ride to the animal-themed carousel. Also available pony activities for children. This horse ride will pass through the edge of the Rainforest Kidzworld, with views of Upper Seletar Dam is charming. After that your family can relax on a ship that circled the Upper Seletar Reservoir. To be able to enjoy entertainment at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari takes a full day.

Tower of Pisa (Italy)

Tower of Pisa is one of the seven wonders of the world which was built in 1178. Construction is skewed but still sturdy stand, despite being more than 8 centuries stood with unusual conditions make the bell tower at the peak of this special. If anyone asks, "Is the tower whose slope increases each year could collapse?" The answer is "Yes". Tower of Pisa had nearly collapsed on January 7th, 1990. The management decided to close the tower of Pisa to the public because the slope of the tower is already in the alarming level and is predicted to collapse at any time.

Intensive reconstruction was done immediately to preserve historic monuments that are part of the cathedral in the city of Pisa. The entire population living around the tower were evacuated to prevent the fall, the bells atop the tower was temporarily moved to reduce the burden of the tower. Steel cables were used to maintain the stability of the tower. Reconstruction focused on the overhaul of the foundation which is becoming a major problem. Finally, after a period of intensive reconstruction, the Tower of Pisa reopened to the public on December 15, 2001. In May 2008, the engineers ensure that the conditions of the Tower of Pisa will be safe (the slope will not increase) at least for 300 years into the future.


History of the Tower of Pisa itself is actually quite unique. The tower was built in four phases and take two centuries. The slope is the main attraction is actually a calculation error, because the foundation is too small and the tower was built on sandy soil. So when the construction reaches the 3rd floor partially collapsed towers and tower tilts. After delayed for 100 years, eventually building the Tower of Pisa was continued by adding 4 more floors built in the direction "toward the perpendicular" to compensate for the slope. So actually the Tower of Pisa is not only skewed, but also curved.

Big Ben (London, England)

British capital, London, deserved to be visited. Lots of interesting attractions to visit. Starting from the palace, venue, hours, and giant windmills.
From the edge of the famous River Thames, the building looks very beautiful. Namely the Palace of Westminster, the residence of the kings and queens. Today the palace is used as the parliament building. Well, here is located at the legendary Big Ben. This clock has a very large size, so it can be clearly seen. Official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, also visited by many tourists.
Usually between August 12 until September 29 we entered the palace. There are other ways to see the beautiful city of London, namely the need to climb a giant windmill, called the London Eye. Or, your friends can also see the beauty of the city from the tower of St dome building. Paul's Cathedral. This church has stood almost 1400 years.

No less interesting visit to Madame Tussaud museum. In these places visitors can see hundreds of well-known figure in the form of wax. Or, the British Museum, a place to store lots of historic cultural heritage of various nations, such as the mummy of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt's beautiful.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Disneyland (California, USA)

The idea for Disneyland began the manufacture of Walter E. Disney and his brother, Roy, when carrying children - their children, Diane and Sharon, walked the road to see the carnival or circus.
They want to create a playground for the family of a permanent absence of negative elements (the carnival and circus at that time often move to move and has attractions that are not recommended to watch the children). They realized that the place for parents and children to enjoy activities together has never existed.

At the same time, many people wrote to Walt Disney and requested that the studio allowed to visit their favorite DisneyDisney studio. Walt realized that the studio is being used for work can not offer much to visitors who come. and meet with leaders


Walt's original idea was to build a place near the studio where the tourists who come to take a photo with the statue of his favorite Disney character, then the idea was developed into a small playground with a pool and a boat that can be ridden. Own garden was to be named Garden Mickey Mouse, then the idea evolved into a bigger until now known as Disneyland. At the suggestion of researchers, from Stanford Research Institute, which justifies the view of the potential development of Walt Disney Disneyland is great, Disney bought 730,000 m2 area full of orange groves and walnut trees in Anaheim, Calif., south of Los Angeles. Construction began July 18, 1954 and was built in conjunction with Route 101 road construction in anticipation of the increase traffic flow to come to Disneyland, then two other roads are also added to the toll road even before Disneyland was completed. On July 18, 1955, the second day Disneyland opened, visitors have lined up since 2 am. The first of three visitor Disneyland, David MacPherson, Christine Vess and Michael Schwartner awarded lifetime passes to Disneyland all around the world.

Colosseum of Rome (Rome, Italy)

Rome has many historic buildings with charming architecture. Here there is a magnificent palace. His name is the Apostolic Palace, or better known as the Papal Palace or the Palace of the Vatican. In this palace of the Pope lives. The palace is vast, consisting of several buildings such as the papal apartments, government offices Catholic Church, several chapels, the Vatican museums, and the Vatican library. If the count is calculated, there are 1,000 rooms throughout the complex has. No less interesting to visit the Colosseum.
The building is made ​​of a semicircular stone pile. Once this place is a venue for various performing arts, namely music and gladiators. What is unique when we stood in the middle of the stage and singing, our voices will be heard by the entire audience, unassisted loudspeakers. Hence this place is also called the amphitheater. Getting Around Rome, incomplete if not been to Pompeii. Indeed the city has been destroyed. Today in ruins alone. But make no mistake, Pompeii which was near the city of Naples is a city in ancient Rome.
The city was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD So big, ash stockpiled throughout the city to the point that the city is lost for 1,600 years. Currently the city of Pompeii is one of UNESCO's world tour sites. Another historic building is the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa City. Tower is a campanile or bell tower of the cathedral. When first built, the tower is standing straight. But soon after being built, around August 1173, the tower began to tilt. The height of this tower is 55.86 m from ground level and the lowest 56.70 m above the highest ground. Its weight is estimated at 14,500 tons. To reach the peak we have to climb stairs as much as 294 steps.

Alberta (Canada)

One of the oldest cities in Canada, Alberta offers a long list of tourist attractions such as national parks, hiking, skiing, lakes, and many more. While on holiday in Canada, usually this place became a popular spot during your vacation in Canada.


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