Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Singapore Zoo (Singapore)

Singapore Zoo is one of the mainstay of Singapore's tourist attractions. Supplemented by thousands of endangered species make the kids would love to see the uniqueness of each animal that they had never seen their lifetime. At the time the sun began to set, you can enjoy a different atmosphere at the Night Safari. Indeed, Indonesia had a lot of zoos, ranging from Ragunan to the Night Safari at Taman Safari - Cisarua. But the Singapore Zoo have 
Another mainstay in addition to the animals with its many attractions,
Singapore Zoo also provides a vehicle for children play zone Rainforest Kidzworld lively waves await kids in the water play area, with themes such as wildlife parks wet dream! For a more thrilling game, both young and old can ride to the animal-themed carousel. Also available pony activities for children. This horse ride will pass through the edge of the Rainforest Kidzworld, with views of Upper Seletar Dam is charming. After that your family can relax on a ship that circled the Upper Seletar Reservoir. To be able to enjoy entertainment at the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari takes a full day.


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