Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Washington DC National Mall (USA)

One of the sights in the United States is Washington DC's National Mall. This is an open area used as a national park, located itself in downtown Washington, that is, between Independence and Constitution, from the Capitol to the Lincoln meeting rooms Memoriam. The park is managed by the National Mall and Memorial Parks unit and is actually a part of the National Park Service (NPS) or the national parks service in the United States Sana.
This city park is one of the favorite tourist attractions, annually receives visitors of approximately 24 million people. This park was established in 1965 and initially also aims to protect some of the old gardens that have previously been there and managed by the NPS. One given the historical value of this park is quite a lot of opportunity to commemorate the legacy of various U.S. presidents, honoring the courage and sacrifice of war veterans.
In addition to historical value, typical of a garden are the shady trees. This park has a distinctive characteristic that is unique, ie tulips planted in plots and grouped by color. If we know, is a typical Dutch tulips, but in this garden grow different kinds of tulips, including Greigii, Fosteriana and Kaufmanniana. This unusual tulips bloom from April until the first week until May. So if you plan to travel to this park, look for those months in order to celebrate the blooming tulips and its American or other tourists. Because the complete collection of tulips in the garden, then the area is overgrown tulip tulips are called libraries.
In addition to the library tulips, there are several other parts of the park can be visited, including the Constitution Gardens, the Tower of the old post office, John Ericsson's memorial monument or memorial monument Gorge Mason. Do not lose too many historic sites like the Washington monument, memorial fighters Vietnam Veterans Memorial or the Lincoln. Visiting this park, you are guaranteed to be satisfied to see America's past history.


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