Thursday, August 4, 2011

Universal Studio (Florida, USA)

Universal Studios was originally a California film company in the United States but later developed into a common tourist spot. One branch of Universal Studios is located in Florida, USA. Universal Studios Florida is an amusement park with entertainment television and movie themes. There are many attractions and live shows that are served at this resort.
Universal Studios attractions is the park where you can enjoy the atmosphere or the background of a particular film. You can find out the process of making movies, how movies are made attractions and with luck you can meet famous artists.
For example, one area is affected and include a new stand at Universal Studios theme parks is Harry Potter. You will be greeted with fireworks. The atmosphere is full of witches that go by. You can also buy souvenirs such as those seen in the film. Visiting these attractions really feel like you came in and carried away in the world of Harry Potter. In addition there are a lot of fun rides and games at once suspenseful.
Place Universal Studios tour consists of 6 main areas namely Production Central, New York, San Francisco, the World Expo, Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone and Hollywood. In each of these areas, there are many attractions on the setting of different films. You can watch movies, attractions and shows and fireworks at the popular tourist spot in the United States.
This resort is also equipped with a shop that probably only you can find at Universal Studios for trinkets that are sold are very unique, and can only be seen in the movie. In addition, there is also the Universal Citywalk, where you can watch the concerts and exciting annual event.
Visit to the United States, do not forget to stop by Universal Studios Florida. You will be in a world of imagination and dreams are so far only seen in movies. Various games and sophistication of visualization effect will look stunning and amazing. You also will increase knowledge and at the same joy.


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