Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Ben (London, England)

British capital, London, deserved to be visited. Lots of interesting attractions to visit. Starting from the palace, venue, hours, and giant windmills.
From the edge of the famous River Thames, the building looks very beautiful. Namely the Palace of Westminster, the residence of the kings and queens. Today the palace is used as the parliament building. Well, here is located at the legendary Big Ben. This clock has a very large size, so it can be clearly seen. Official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, also visited by many tourists.
Usually between August 12 until September 29 we entered the palace. There are other ways to see the beautiful city of London, namely the need to climb a giant windmill, called the London Eye. Or, your friends can also see the beauty of the city from the tower of St dome building. Paul's Cathedral. This church has stood almost 1400 years.

No less interesting visit to Madame Tussaud museum. In these places visitors can see hundreds of well-known figure in the form of wax. Or, the British Museum, a place to store lots of historic cultural heritage of various nations, such as the mummy of Cleopatra, queen of Egypt's beautiful.


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