Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rawa Pening (Central Java, Indonesia)

Park RawaPening Ambarawa of the region, in order to go there. The road that leads Rawa Pening roadway is located in Semarang - Ambarawa Salatiga Semarang regency. The beauty of marsh dizzy you can enjoy during the morning, because of dizziness swamp Tourist offers the beauty of the lake. The outlets are open at 8:30 till 21:00 in the morning you can relax with the family swamp garden reel, because it's a beautiful garden design bog garden is perfect reel for recreation with family, but enjoy the beauty of the lake in the swamp dizziness.


For those of you who like taking pictures / photography, the beauty of the marsh is very unique reel. Especially in the morning at sunrise, it is recommended you come to the bog garden at 5:00 am giddy at the time of sunrise. And waiting at the dock by the lake to photograph the beautiful panorama of the lake marsh dizziness, reputedly the morning in the swamp dizzy very mysterious and mystical. And very beautiful to immortalized through a camera, in the morning you can continue your hunting by riding a rented boat at the dock, usually during the morning the fishermen were actively catching and fishing in the lake there is lots of water hyacinth, the lake is extremely dizzy swamp wide. If you forget the time may not feel the sun right above. In addition to the train museum in Ambarawa, do not hurt you to stop by the park this week Pening Rawa.


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