Sunday, July 24, 2011

Singkarak Lake (West Sumatra, Indonesia)

This lake is the headwaters of the river / trunk Ombilin which is an important source of irrigation for agricultural land traversed by the flow of this river. Lake water is also partly used as a power that flowed through the tunnel through the Bukit Barisan to Batang Anai to drive a hydroelectric generator near Lubuk Alung Festival in Padang Pariaman district.
Besides the scenery is very beautiful nan beautiful natural greenery of Bukit Barisan, Lake Batur also save a unique species of fish in the world, the FISH Bilih (latin; Mystacoleucus padangensis) Fish Species is just one of them in the world (but according to some sources of these fish would also in Brazil). These fish are the mainstay of existing livelihoods diselingkaran Lake Batur, but it's very distinctive, savory and fragrant fish is also a mainstay of your memories with indulgent taste to taste the food on shop / restaurant at the edge of the lake Batur, of course there are also packages for the by the Fish Bilih already dry. 

Location Lake Singakarak numerous Homestay / Inn and also some fruit and 2-star Hotel, Motel, like Singkarak Beach Hotel, the Hotel is usually crowded used by foreign and domestic tourists, this place is also very convenient to carry out activities of seminars, training or to break . Besides location Singakarak lake there is also a playground for your children with families on the coast of Tanjung Mutiara, there is provided a small boat to sail on Lake Batur fun games and various other children.


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