Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta, Indonesia)

At the zoo there are also "Schmutzer Primate Center." You are required to buy a ticket for Rp 5,000, - to enter the venue. This place is special featuring a variety of primates with a different atmosphere and there is a museum of primates to increase children's knowledge. First entered, we have to climb the stairs, then from above we can see the gorilla the size of a human being. Other primates that are here, among others, gibbons, hoops, white monkey, and various other types.

There is also a "World Orang Utan", here we enter the long, dark tunnel that resemble cave, where between each section separated by ropes that resemble tree roots. On the sides of the tunnel in a particular section will appear thick glass so that we can see the orangutans who are outside.


After exiting the tunnel, we can climb a tall tree house or walking among the trees past the drawbridge. On the other hand, there is a park bali. This place made ​​to resemble the atmosphere of Bali. There is also a playground for children such as swings, tree trunks can climb, hang on a rope or play sand.

If you plan to place it, should bring an adequate supply of drinking water, because to see the animals and the other one you have to walk. Provide also a hat or umbrella to protect from the sun. So, for the holiday does not mean having to spend lots of money.


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