Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kerinci Lake (Jambi, Indonesia)

Lake Kerinci is located in the Lake District and the District of Roving Lake Kerinci, Kerinci, Jambi Province, Indonesia. In this lake every so often held the festival every year. A number of attractions art and held exhibitions to attract visitors. A number of countries supporting the Lake Kerinci as an attractive tourist place to visit, even in the Lake Kerinci Festival was once attended by the ambassadors of Germany, Saudi Arabia, France, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Afganistani.


There are several interesting locations in several villages around Lake Kerinci, the Regional Pesanggarahan where we can see from the above views of Lake Kerinci, Cape Bung Hatta Hatta is the place to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Kerinci and plant trees there.
Scenery around the lake are so captivating. Eyes will not get bored seeing the clear expanse of water against a background of elegant mountain ranges. In the middle of the lake looks as fishing boats were on the surface of quiet water, where dwells a lot of fish species caught by the local society.


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