Friday, July 22, 2011

Batu Berdaun Beach (Riau, Indonesia)

Nature Coast Tourism Batu Berdaun Dabo Singkep is one of the locations of natural tourist beaches have long been the hallmark of Dabo Singkep citizens . Natural attractions of this Batu Berdaun beach on the peninsula stretching Dabo Singkep coast. For the visitors who come from the south and west of the Dabo Singkep island, will be able to watch this Batu Berdaun white sand beach. Characteristic of the natural attractions Batu Berdaun Beach is located from a large pile of stone upon which there is a small tree. What is said is the origin of the name of natural tourist sites beach Batu Berdaun.

The exotic of these beaches, not only from the typical beach name, the other characteristic lies in the condition of white sand and long beaches stretching between the "Kampung Baru" village by "Kebun Nyiur" village . Not only that, Batu Berdaun beach location is also in the wedge by a lake (or often referred to as "Kolong" for residents Dabo Singkep) with a green water color that adds an addiction for the visitors who have visited this location Batu Berdaun beach to visit again.

The front of Batu Berdaun beach location, we also can see the extent of sea that far ahead with houses decorated floats called "Kelong" (small house used by residents Dabo Singkep to catch fish in the sea). Not only that, visitors can also spend their time swimming at the beach while enjoying the white sand beach Batu Berdaun. If New Year's Eve arrived, this place is usually used as a camping place for residents and surrounding Dabo Singkep while waiting for New Year's Eve arrived.


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