Sunday, July 24, 2011

Puppet Museum/ The Wayang Museum (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Puppet Museum displaying various types and forms of puppets from all over Indonesia, both made of wood and leather and other materials. Puppets from abroad are also here, for example from the People's Republic of China and Cambodia. Until now the Puppet Museum collecting more than 4,000 pieces of puppets, made ​​up of leather puppets, puppet show, shadow boxes, shadow grass, coconut puppets, masks, dolls, puppets and gamelan beber. Generally dolls collected in this museum are the dolls that originated in Europe although there are also derived from some non-European countries such as Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam, India and Colombia.


Also periodically puppet performances are held also at weeks 2 and 3 per month.

On 7 November 2003, the UN decided to recognize the puppet Indonesia as a world heritage that should be preserved.


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