Monday, July 25, 2011

Bogor Peaks (West Java, Indonesia)

Bogor region in addition to fresh peaks there are also many mountain regions are experiencing. Up to become a major tourist areas in West Java. Such a situation is very different from the conditions of the capital Jakarta is full of pollution, hot and uncomfortable. This makes the peak area as a vacation spot for a while, especially on weekends by many people in Jakarta. Not a few people in Jakarta who choose to have a villa in this region. In addition to the cozy atmosphere, Peak area also has interesting attractions to visit. But remember, the atmosphere will envelop peak traffic on weekends. One interesting activity is to eat roasted corn on the Peak at night.

Gunung Mas Tea Gardens

Tea plantation area has been famous since the first as the major tea producing areas in West Java. This area is managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara. In this place, you can see the tea production process of tea picking up the processing into dried tea leaves ready for consumption. Activity of walking around the tea garden is a pleasant experience and can relax the tense mood by a busy day - day in Jakarta. The most exciting moment is when the tea leaves at harvest time has arrived.

Taman Safari Indonesia

Safari Park is located in Cisarua, Puncak, Bogor is a suitable place for families to relax and watch up close the lives of more than 2,500 species of animals such as tigers, lions, bears american, zebras, pandas, elephants and a variety of animals again, the habitat natural, not like in a zoo as usual. Animals - animals allowed to live off and you can watch right - right from your car window. Safari Park area is equipped with a Safari Garden Hotel, restaurant, rides another vacation. Waterfall Cilember. The waterfall is located in the Village Cilember, Cisarua. About 21 kilometers from Bogor. Ussu its standards after arriving at the hotel continues to turn left and head for the Village Hall Cilember. From there, the waterfall is within walking distance. Location of the waterfall is equipped with a butterfly garden - butterfly, children playground - kids and campground.


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