Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jimbaran (Bali, Indonesia)

Jimbaran Bali, a favorite tourist spot in Bali, offering attractions such as famous for its seafood (Seafood center) and the night Jimbaran beach is beautiful and romantic.

Kedonganan Jimbaran area and is known as fish-producing villages, where most residents work as fishermen. And eventually a lot of initiative to establish a restaurant / cafe for the preparations of seafood to the present.

While enjoying the beautiful night and the whisper of gentle waves at Jimbaran beach, you can enjoy the delicious variety of menus from the results of processed fish. The options are many and spoil for those of you who like going from processed seafood cuisine.


Not only that, Jimbaran tourist areas also have a complete tourist facilities like accommodation (Intercontinental, Four Seasons Resort, Villa Karma, etc..), Restaurant with local and international cuisine, spas, shopping and other facilities. What are you waiting? Come and enjoy a delicious seafood Jimbaran your favorite ..


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